Mangaya Trade

Import and Export of the tastiest fruit on Earth!

mangoes the tastiest fruit on Earth

Mangaya Trade delivers you the finest mangoes.

Mangaya Trade is an international trade company that imports and exports fruits from Egypt to the rest of the world.
Next to mangoes, we deliver strawberries, oranges, guava, and pomegranates, fresh during the season, frozen chunks, fruit pulp and juices the rest of the year.

Our main product is the mango. We grow several kinds of mangoes a year in a naturally way without using chemicals. We deliver fresh and excellent quality mangoes during the mango season, the rest of the year we deliver frozen mango chunks and delicious juices.

Order in time to get the best quality for an economical price!

Aanbieding! Geldig tot 24 februari 2017, 17:00 pm!
Perssinaasappelen uit Egypte "Summer Orange": 1 ton voor € 600!
Call: +20 012 229 941 78 or Send Mail

perssinaasappels Orange Summer
fresh mangoes


Mangaya Trade delivers you natural, non-GMO, chemical-free mangoes direct from the farm in Egypt.
We use traditional techniques to grow and ripen several kinds of mangoes naturally to get healthy fruits with an excellent taste.

Order in time to get the best quality mangoes during the peak-season for an economical price!

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For restaurants, smoothie- and juice retailers, Mangaya Trade has got partially processed mangoes and juices.

Frozen at the right moment and at appropriate temperature, these mangoes retained its original colors and flavor. No sugar added.

We deliver frozen mangoes in pulp and juices that are great for smoothies and toppings.



Enjoy fruits all year round! Mangaya Trade delivers you frozen mangoes, strawberries, and guava in pulp or as juices, to benefit the healthy, convenient and cost-effective alternative to fresh fruits.
Our frozen produce is equal to, or in some cases, even more nutritious than fresh varieties. Use our frozen fruits for smoothies, fillings, salsas, sauces, toppings, frozen desserts, and beverages.

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In addition to tropical flavor, mangoes contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, helping to make them a superfood.

Mangoes are to be used in many kinds of recipes, from smoothies to deserts, from snack to a complete Asian dinner.